About The Majesty Band

The Majesty Band is a four piece outfit playing varied styles of music .

We have two sets of keyboards/bass, guitar, drums and our singer.

Majesty are probably one of the longest running bands in the Dorset area.
We play all stlyes of music - its all those requests...

Here's a brief introduction to the band - for more info click biog pages

Tony - The Vocalist - Strong vocal trained voice - likes to chat to the audience and tell the odd joke or two - Sometimes he gets them wrong and we all have a laugh! We try to stop him twidding with the knobs on the PA. Bless him... he's not technical. His new Bose PA sounds very professional!

Ken - The Keyboard - Ken has a number of keyboards and rack modules - and also controls the lights. He's got four arms and forty fingers!! He has loads more keyboards at home - also likes those classical/jazzy pieces.

Brian - The Guitar - He's gone back to his row of stomp pedals for all those guitar effects - also sings harmonies and plays keyboards. Sometimes the audience give him funny looks when he's doing all three at once.

Steve is back with us again after he left when he was doing session work for Kate Bush on her CD (Aerial). Steve is a great drummer - so easy to work with! Also teaches.
Link to Steve Sanger Website.

Please take a look around our site to find out more about Bournemouth's exciting and unique band. Then give us a call ...

Time to get ready!

Tel: 01202 640060
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